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Selasa, 24 Januari 2017

The Skinny Asian Diet � Lose weight WITHOUT working out or going hungry!

The Skinny Asian Diet � Lose weight WITHOUT working out or going hungry!
This is my own personal story of the EXACT way I lost 62 pounds in just 3 months while still eating EVERYTHING I love�and how you can too:
If you had lunch with a girlfriend you hadn�t seen in a couple months and she showed up having lost 60+ pounds�would you be curious how she did it? And if she said she was eating BIG meals and hadn�t worked out or exercised hard at all�what would you be willing to do to learn her secret? My name is Catherine Cheng. I�m 35 years old, and I was born on the Chinese island of Taiwan.

Yes, that�s me in the pictures, and I fought the same giant thighs, the same ugly belly, and the same flabby arms that you may be suffering with now� Ten years ago I moved from Taiwan to America to enjoy the wondeful life here, and in just two years my weight ballooned up to over 170 pounds. It got so bad that I refused to send my parents and family back home any pictures or video of myself, because I was so disappointed and ashamed.

I felt awful, and grew more lonely and isolated as time passed. I started staying in my room always, I cut off most of my friends, and basically left the living world so I wouldn�t have to face my own fears.
I began my search for what I later would call my "Skinny Asian Diet" by doing phone interviews with just about every friend or family member back in Taiwan that I knew�
I asked over 50 questions, and the more I asked the more clear it became that the answer to secret Asian weight loss methods didn�t center around endless workouts at the gym, or starving�Read More Detail

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