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Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

The Fertility Clinic Has 100s Of Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Quickly & Naturally

If you would, then you�re not alone. 11% of couples trying to get pregnant have been trying for a year or longer without success. Like you, they begin to think that getting pregnant is an impossibility, that it�s just never going to happen.
Almost all of these couples � you included � could get pregnant. There�s absolutely no physical reason why they can�t. And this is why it�s so sad. They could get pregnant, and yet they never do.

Most couples that can�t get pregnant fail because they make too many small mistakes. One or two small mistakes alone will not prevent pregnancy, but too many will. Simply eliminating most of those small mistakes will result in most couples finally getting pregnant.

And the small mistakes are the easiest mistakes to make. We all know the biggies � every book on pregnancy and fertility will tell you those. But it�s those small mistakes � the ones books and websites and doctors don�t tell you about � that do the damage.

Imagine that you�re making one of the above mistakes, blissfully unaware of the damage you�re doing to your chances of becoming pregnant. Or worse � imagine you�re making all of the above mistakes.

The cumulative effect will almost certainly leave a couple infertile. And those are just three of the dozens of potential mistakes couples can make.

Most couples are lucky, and their fertility levels are so high that these small mistakes don�t prevent pregnancy. But for a small percentage of couples trying to get pregnant, they prove fatal.
Take sex, for example. Most couples think they�ve got that area sorted. Most couples have sex as often as books tell them to, and then lie with a pillow under their hips � Read more�

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