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Jumat, 01 April 2016

3 Texts To Send Your Ex Girlfriend To Make Her Come Running Back

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One of the easiest ways you can win your ex girlfriend back is by simply using your cell phone and tapping a bunch of buttons.

Sound absurd? Well it isn�t� I�ve coached thousands of men around the world to effectively �Text Their Exes Back�� even if they initially thought that it was impossible to win their ex girlfriends back.

And today, I�m about to give you some tips on how you can force your girlfriend to come running back to you (and no, she�ll definitely have absolutely no choice in the matter).

This is the first text you can send to get started (but don�t send these text messages yet. At the end of the article, I�ll tell you exactly when to send these text messages because when you send these messages is just as important as what you send).

Text #1 � The �I�m Ok� Text Message:
�Hey, I just want to let you know that I�m 100% cool with the breakup and I thought that it was a good idea. Hope we can still be friends. Talk soon.�

This text message is great because it conveys all the right messages. For one, you�re letting her know that you were 100% okay with the breakup (you need to make her think this right now). By saying this, you�re pretty much saying to her that you don�t really need her� and this will subconsciously drive her insane. By posing as �just a friend� right now, you start planting my patented Seduction Seeds that will eventually cause her to start thinking about you in a sexual way again� and win her back. More on this in a bit.

Text #2 � The �No Communication� text.
�You�re right. It�s best that we shouldn�t talk right now but I would like to be friends eventually.�

This one is a little advanced and you need to know exactly when to send this text� but again, you�re communicating to her that you don�t really need to talk to her. In essence, you�re saying that you don�t really need her in your reality anymore. By doing this, you�ll send a message that you do want to �move on�� and you�ll begin tricking her into thinking that she actually lost you!

Text #3 � The �Jealousy� text.
�I think it was a great idea that we decided to start dating other people. I do just want to be friends right now!� 

By saying this, you�re telling her that you�re actually date other people right now� which will in turn make her jealous. This is a good thing. By saying this, you�re sub-communicating to her that you�re actually wanted by other women. Remember, women are attracted to men that are wanted by other women, so by saying that you�re dating around already, you�re pretty much saying that �it�s your loss, missy!�

Remember, you can�t just simply send these texts to her and expect good results� you need to have a plan of attack and send these messages right when she�s most likely to take them seriously� only then will she begin to feel attraction for you and induce a �fear of loss� within her.

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