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Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Why NOT take all the signals from Forex LST? (and how to recognize them)

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Why NOT take all the signals from Forex LST? (and how to recognize them)
If forex trading was an exact science, everyone would win - and that is conceptually impossible. Divergences, however, are one of the most accurate conditions that indicate a retracement or correction in price. It is like the growling of a dog, before it bites. You don�t know when exactly it�s going to bite, but if you stay on course, it will. 

And it doesn�t mean that price reverses ONLY after a divergence - there are many factors that trigger it (just like not all dogs growl before they bite!). So we need to filter the entries a bit, in order to increase our chances of success. 

That is what Forex LST System does. It will show all the best divergences, but it will only give you a signal to enter when the right candle formation occurs (filter #1). That�s exactly when the human eye comes into play: with the aid of the price channel automatically displayed, the trader makes the determination whether the risk/reward ratio is favorable for trading (filter #2). So don�t just trade all divergences... pick the ones that make sense with the help of Forex LST System! Click Here!

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