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Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Advantages of Having a "Built-in" Forex Strategy Simulator

Advantages of Having a "Built-in" Forex Strategy Simulator
Anyone that is committed and serious about trading forex knows that you must test your strategy before you go �live� with it. Of course you could do the �kamikaze approach� and learn as you go... but we all know how that ends up 99% of the time: depleted accounts and piles and piles of frustration.

So you think you have a winning strategy... but the question remains: How do you test your strategy? 

The MT4 is a complete platform which includes a strategy tester - the equivalent to a flight simulator for pilots-, but I think it is somewhat incorrectly labeled as such. Let me explain: It is a fabulous �robot� tester, but when it comes to testing manual strategies, it falls a bit short because not all indicators will work properly and some other important limitations. Or you could try scrolling back in live charts and say �oh... every time this indicator does that... the price drops like a ton of bricks�, with many new  traders not realizing that indicators will re-draw multiple times before they settle in one place, giving you very false expectations of a particular strategy using this ineffective method. 

Another approach is to spend a couple hundred dollars and purchase a strategy tester in a box. But you still have to come up with a winning strategy!

Finally, we have the Forex LST System - a complete package that includes a built-in strategy tester that runs directly and seamlessly in your MT4 platform�s tester. It will allow you to practice as long as you need, on whatever timeframe you choose, and whatever currency pair your broker carries, without having to worry about indicator repainting or consequences for making mistakes as you learn. It includes the ability to �fast-forward�� the chart along during the �idle� times until you receive a signal, at which point you can slow it down almost to a pause, analyze and study the situation and prepare yourself for what you are about to do - in other words, start training your eyes and your brain to be able to recognize what the strategy looks for and successfully execute the trades.

The rules for the Forex LST System are clear. But you need to practice to be able to gain the confidence to know that when you enter the trade, IT�S GOING TO WORK IN YOUR FAVOR. You will learn about favorable candle patterns, be able to spot right away good areas of support and resistance, and before you go �live� with the system, you will be able to look at one of the signals and know - right there, on the spot - if that will be a good entry or not according to the rules of the strategy.

It won�t take you very long to get to this point, either. With the strategy tester�s �fast forward� feature you can go through days of trading in only a matter of hours! It�s like putting years of experience under your belt in a virtually matter of days.

We all know the old saying �practice makes perfect�, and with the LST strategy tester you will have the tools to get several steps closer to that point! 

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