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Minggu, 01 November 2015

How to Effectively Manage Diabetes Medications

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If you are a diabetic who wants to enjoy a healthy and happy life, then you need to learn the ways in which you can manage your diabetes better. Managing diabetes is all about getting up to speed with your diabetes medications. The more you know about them, the better use you can make of them. Good medication management can only be achieved if you are disciplined, educated (on type II diabetes) and organized.  

Medication List
It all starts with keeping tabs on all your medications. The simplest and easiest way to do this is by creating a list. Make a simple list of all the diabetes related medications that you need. For your own convenience, ensure that the list is legible and well organized. There is no point in creating a list that you cannot read yourself. Do not rely on a faded piece of paper from your wallet or purse. Get a notebook that you can refer to whenever and wherever you want. You should also get yourself a pillbox in addition to maintaining a record. 

Undamaged Oral Medication
Oral medication is pivotal to the treatment of diabetes. However, despite how important the oral medications are, people tend to not take good care of them, mostly unintentionally. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that oral medication can become damaged or less effective when exposed to humidity. This means that keeping your pills in the bathroom is not a good idea. Store the oral medications in a dark and dry place that is quite a good distance away from the bathroom. 

Well Stored Insulin
If you fail to manage your insulin, then you are simply digging a hole for yourself as a diabetic. The first thing that you need to know about the insulin is that the expiration date on the insulin box is not the same as the expiration date of the insulin vial. The best place to store the insulin in is the refrigerator. It may sound a little odd to you, but the low temperature inside the refrigerator keeps the insulin in great condition. This however does not give you the license to store insulin in extremely low temperatures. If you freeze the insulin, it will become unstable. A simple way of knowing when insulin has turned “bad” is by observing its appearance. If it looks cloudy with fragments floating around in the medium, then you ought to discard it immediately. 

Fresh Testing Supplies
Keeping fresh testing supplies are very important in diabetes medication management. As a matter of fact, you should never try to give your wallet a break by using lancets more than once. Used lancets can lead to infections. Bear in mind that diabetics have a pretty torrid time dealing with infections. Your glucometers don’t require changing as frequent as the lancets. However, it is preferable that you have it changed at least once in every five years. 

Diabetes 60 System Helps in Medication Management
The more knowledge that you will have about type II diabetes, the better you will be at handling your diabetes medication. This is why it is very important to get your hands on the Diabetes 60 System. This is the ultimate guide to fighting off type II diabetes and reversing the ill effects of this malicious illness. 
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