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Minggu, 01 November 2015

Does Having Diabetes Affect Your Relationships?

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There is no denying the fact that being diagnosed with diabetes, especially type II diabetes, will bring about some massive changes in your social life. You have to be willing to come to terms with the fact that people will treat you differently after your diabetes diagnosis. Your friends and family members will most likely become more sympathetic or supportive. However, you may have a difficult time dealing with strangers, especially your potential love interests. 

Diabetes is a Factor in Dating
Dating and maintaining relationships as a diabetic can be quite a predicament. There are a lot of things that you need to think about when you are trying to set up a new date for yourself. When you become a diabetic, diabetes becomes one of the things that you need to keep on the back of your mind when selecting your new date or when staying in touch with a person you are already dating. In an ideal world, diabetes should not get in the way of your relationships. However, we do not live in a perfect world unfortunately. This means that you have to follow particular guidelines in order to keep your relationships steady as a diabetic. 

When Do You Inform Your Date? 
You do not necessarily have to inform your date about your diabetes as soon as you are diagnosed with it. The time of information can be influenced by your personal preferences as well as how heavy your medication is. If you have to resort to insulin, then it’s a good idea to let your date know about your condition as soon as possible. If there is another medication routine that you are following, then you do have the liberty to take your time and find the perfect moment to let your significant other know that you are no longer as healthy as you once used to be. 

Will Your Date Judge You? 
Does diabetes really matter? As mentioned before, diabetes should not play an important role in shaping up the course of a relationship. However, you cannot ignore basic human nature. No matter how nice or kind a person may seen, you will most likely come across dates who will be reluctant to continue their relationship with you based on the fact that you have been diagnosed with diabetes. It is their choice and it is something that you must respect. However, there is no reason to drop your head and become disappointed. There will be plenty of people who will not be bothered by how your body has been damaged by diabetes. You are strongly advised to date those who will be more receptive of your medical condition than those who may not be strong enough to support you throughout your fight against health complications. 

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