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Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

Text Game Secrets best review

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Text Game Secrets review
I’m one of those guys for who text dating has always been a mystery. I could see how it might work but had no idea about how to make it happen. You’ve changed all of that for me Ben, for which I have to say ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’ and maybe another ‘thank you’ for luck. Put it this way. I’ve tried to get girls that I’ve met to play the game my way by text before but it’s never worked so far. Failure doesn’t begin to describe it. But that’s changed, and how… In the last week, I’ve met three new girls and so far, it’s total success with 2 of them (yes, TOTAL) and the third, well…I’ve just been too busy but it’s there any time I want it, absolutely guaranteed. There’s no better proof than real results. This is the chick I manage to score.Anything like this ever happen to you? Stuff like this used to happen to me ALL. THE. TIME. I was terrible with women.

I never knew what to say.

I never knew what to do.

I would ALWAYS freeze up.

ALWAYS get nervous.

ALWAYS stuff things up.

I was hopeless. And it showed. I was always getting rejected.

but I was determined to change all that! And so I decided I would get this part of my life handled.

I had come so far, but I still felt very frustrated.

I was getting desperate. I had tried everything, but it just wasn’t working for me.

I HAD followed what all the books, blogs and forum posts said.

but for some reason I just couldn’t go further than getting a simple number.

Late one night,

Feeling as hopeless as I had ever felt.

I was looking for something.

I was desperate. I just met this cute girl at a party and I didn't want to F**K it up again.(I didn't even had the guts to take this picture. My "natural" player friend did) That's when I came across something that would literally changed my SUCCESS with women from THAT day on!But I would do it my way. And that decision would DRAMATICALLY change my success with women for life! And so I started texting girls I had in my phonebook.

See, there wasn’t much out there for me to learn from.

I had to develop my own way of texting so I could spark attraction in women I was interested in.

At first I had mixed results.

Some girls LOVED it.

others weren’t so keen.

I was ok with this.

I was still in my “teething” stages.

I still didn’t know how often I should text a girl.

or how long I should wait until I should reply.

or when the best time to text a girl was.

(by the way this is ALL stuff I teach in my new book.

more on that later though!) So I kept testing different ideas and texts.

I started getting better reactions.

I was texting a girl I was particularly interested in.

I can’t remember exactly what I said.

but I remember her reply quite well! “I’m so hot for you rite now! Come over? Here is a treat for you”(original image she sent to me) I was floored. .

and to put a long story short, YES I did “meet-up” with her that night ;)All of the sudden I had new “lady friends” all the time.

When I was with my buddies, I’d get calls and texts all the time.

The LAST STRAW was when they saw me with a stunning brunette girl I had met the week before.

she was a lingerie model with a killer body ;)I started giving copies of this 5 page booklet to all my friends.

Some of them thought it was stupid.

others thought it was genius! And so some of my buddies started to use the ideas and techniques I gave them in the booklet.

My buddies that DID follow my advice started having the same kind of success I was having. Jake literally PAID me $100. And he said it was worth every penny. Well, of course it was worth it. Look at the who he managed to score! God damn!Jeez Ben, What are you doing man? Don’t you realize that the dating game is all about winning and you’ve just stolen my best hand…! Seriously though, I loved ‘Text Game Secrets’. If there was ever a ‘one step at a time’ guide that takes the text dating game to the next level, this is it. The thing is, every guy knows (unless they’re brain dead) that game is now an essential part of getting the girl you want to do what you want, but it ain’t easy. Game is not the same as the old fashioned dating dance. Instead, it’s a whole new ball game. It’s one that you are going to struggle to learn on your own. You need a teacher, a mentor to show you where to go and how to get there. Ben, you’ve just proved yourself ‘the man’ as far as I’m concerned. You’ve packed more stuff about game into one easy-to-follow manual than most guys pick up in a lifetime. For that, I’ve got to thank you again. But here’s the thing man…you’ve given away a heap of my best ideas and tricks here.

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