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Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

Social Life-Hacking: Become Fascinating best review

Social Life-Hacking: Become Fascinating review
Imagine living a lifestyle that is filled with constant thrill and adventure. A life where gorgeous women are CHASING YOU while you simply LIVE LIFE and make it a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.THIS was my lifestyle “before” as I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.BUT, I started CHASING WOMEN to the point where it soon became apparent that I had NO LIFE as I dropped out of acting school and became a PUA.At the time, I didn’t care since I felt on top of the world. It was only until many months later LIFE hit me smack in the face. All that time CHASING WOMEN and I had no actual life. Either I was out TRYING to get women or I was at home waiting for the next opportunity to go out.A year later, through social media, I noticed a model I had approached on the street was in the south of France.Even more mind-boggling was finding out that she flew into St Tropez to meet a group of people FROM NEW YORK. All I could think when flipping through the photo album.To put things in perspective, I met that model chick on the street. HOWEVER, it was strategic planning on my part because I knew there was a club which for some reason every model was going to. I couldn’t get in, so I waited on the corner to HIT ON CHICKS. I met 5 models that week. However, I’d later learn those same guys in St Tropez were the same guys who the models were going to the club to meet.All this time, running around soho with NOTHING TO SHOW for my efforts and here it is 3-4 guys are going to a club on Saturday nights with 30-50 models. That is when I made a promise to myself that I would STOP CHASING WOMEN and actually develop MY IDEAL LIFESTYLE.I started researching about all sorts of people who were living a vibrant lifestyle. I started to read up on everything revolving around both the “high end” nightlife and hipster scene. My break came on a night out with a friend, there was a “special event” and a mixed group of 30-40 people showed up. Huge bottles of champagne, young men holding sparklers cheering ontop of the sofa while surrounded by a handful of models. I needed a closer look, 30mins later I meet the DJ, photographer, lots of women, and the men who were giving free drinks. It was amazing and I wanted more.This is always funny to mention since I remember on day one thinking “Why am I out? It’s a weekday, no one goes out”. TWO YEARS LATER, I can say with 100% conviction that I can build whatever lifestyle I want both socially and sexually. In those two years, I learnt a lot especially when it comes to BEING A FASCINATING MAN. Let’s just say at one point in my life, not only did I have to SLOW DOWN on the amount of sex I was having BUT at times even had to “turn down sex”.The “window of opportunity” is wide open and I’m here to help you. FIRST, I want to EXPOSE that majority of the celebrities and wealthy people who through social media created this “illusion” of living life. I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that majority of them live a rather mundane/boring lifestyle while the other handful live a life of “inconsistency”. Even some of the people I knew and learnt from were NOT living life on a consistent basis. This for me was one of the saddest realizations since I learnt that “to them” I was the one living life. O yea, and those women you find on social media taking all those selfies. Let’s just say, the process of them taking a selfie was generally the “highlight” of their night.Regardless, people in general live mundane and boring lives. Just ask any random person how their social and/or sex life is looking. Which is why it is YOUR DUTY to inspire them by simply GOING FIRST and becoming that “Fascinating Man” who gives others THE OPPORTUNITY to come along into his lifestyle.One of the biggest issues when it comes to lifestyle design and dating in general is the swarms of dogmatic beliefs ranging from “social norms” to the “seduction community”. People are giving advice with little to no FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Simply throwing out assumptions and logical theory with attempts to seem intellectually knowledgeable. They’re just making the situation worst.You wouldn’t know at this “current” moment since YOU LACK THE EXPERIENCE of being a “Fascinating Man”. However, YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS COMING…There is no way for these type of people to ever know certain “potential possibilities” since one “majority” is lucky to meet 1 girl in the month while the other “majority” is at your random pub hitting on every chick hoping someone decent enough will choose him. Are you the type of guy who meets 3 to 4 women a month hoping to end your dry spell? OR that guy who HIT ON 30 different women in a bar a night hoping to find a decent girl who is down? Regardless which answer you choose, IT IS TIME TO CHANGE…Proof is always in the pudding.

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