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Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

Fun Worksheets and Word Play review

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Fun Worksheets and Word Play best review
Check out these great language-learning, word-loving resources! The first two products contain engaging worksheets and spelling activities. The third is a word puzzler's paradise -- a unique collection of 101 challenging word play puzzles.

Teachers love these reusable games and worksheets, because each one works with almost any set of spelling words.  

We offer three eBooks packed with spelling worksheets and games that can be used with almost ANY set of spelling words. The eBooks are sold separately or as a set for extra value. 

50 reproducibles engage first and second graders in fun ways to practice spelling. Kids will practice spelling as they draw, color, read and write. There's a different format on each page.

If you're ready for something new, this eBook is for you!  You'll have hours of word play fun as you solve these 101 unique word play puzzlers. Lots of formats and lots of topics to keep you interested.

Teachers and parents, these challenging puzzles are also perfect for stretching upper grade students' spelling and vocabulary skills.  

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, longtime educational author and owner of Spelling-Words-Well and Word-Game-World.

As a former classroom teacher, home school teacher and a 25-year-veteran of the educational publishing world, I know the importance of keeping learners learning! I've written dozens of books of reproducibles and thousands of magazine pages for some of the biggest educational publishers in the business. I think you'll love these books, and my websites!

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