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Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

Dating Russian and Ukrainian women, 15 years back and now: What has changed? What hasn't? how to

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Dating Russian and Ukrainian women, 15 years back and now: What has changed? What hasn't? review
Are you one of the western guys that thinks of finding a Russian / Ukrainian bride? Or you perhaps already gave it a try and it hasn't been working out well so far? Are you at times wondering if looking for an East European wife is worth your effort at all?I wrote this book a few years ago and it's based on my personal experience of work in translations with international dating agencies since late 90ies. In those days I was eyewitness to many things, including all the dramatic changes the dating scene in Russia and Ukraine underwent in the past 10 years or so.- What has changed in the Russian women's mentality and life values in the last 10 years? What hasn't?- What are some realities about Slavic women you need to know before making a decision to give try to finding a Russian bride?My book covers all these issues and tells my readers some truths about the realities of International dating scene in the former USSR countries. It also provides online dating advice for those who try to meet their soul-mate via internet.Perhaps, I'm being a bit blunt, and my book might sound disillusioning to you. But that's exactly what I wanted it to be. Life filled with illusions is like a house built on the sand and will eventually be destroyed. Knowing the realities you can at least decide how to deal with them and whether you want to deal with them at all.So are you ready to face the truth about the "Russian dating scene" (good and bad, sad and funny)? And learn some hints on how to do better dealing with it?If my book leaves you disillusioned, makes you more realistic in your expectations from your Slavic date and saves you some nerves and money - I'll take it as a compliment :)I read Tanya's book on dating Russian ladies and on how the world of dating changed in Russia and Ukraine over last 15 years, and it's a really cool book in my opinion. Not one of those 300 page boring things that you can never finish. It's brief but informative and parts of it are funny too. I think I understand Russian women better after reading it. Thanks, Tanya!I've been dating Russian women online for years. And to be honest, I was scammed more than once. After reading Tanya's book I realized why it happened to me. I still want to meet a Russian or Ukrainian lady for marriage, I'm not giving up, but I will be wiser and more careful now.Tanya, your book was shorter than I expected. But good job done on spotting out the changes of CIS females mentalities. I used a few international dating services and I cannot disagree with any of what you had to say.My name's Rick and I'm from Houston. I read your book about dating Russian women 15 years back and now, and I read the other one about Internet dating as well. I liked both books, many good points! Simple, easy, funny. What else to say? I would recommend anyone who wants to date internationally to purchase at least one of them or both.I will appreciate it if you send me comments on my book. Any of your opinions and criticisms on it will be most welcomed.And in the end of my page I want to sincerely wish you the best of luck finding your soul-mate wherever in the world she is! :) Read More detail...

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