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Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015

Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man's Guide to Online Dating — Cracking OKCupid scam

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Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man's Guide to Online Dating — Cracking OKCupid review
For the longest time, I struggled with OKCupid and other forms of online dating. I'd spend hours crafting the perfect message, then wait for responses that would never come. Eventually though.

I cracked the secrets.

It all started at the recommendation of a friend who met his wife off of OKCupid. I was reeling from a bad relationship and breakup, and he told me I needed to go on a date.

I did everything the "gurus" said to do - read a woman's entire profile, then craft a perfect opening message to get her attention. Not too long, but not too short. Just enough personal touch to make sure I read her whole profile, but not too personal to seem creepy.

And I rarely got responses. Maybe one out of every twenty women messaged me back. I was fed up with what was supposed to be an "easy" way to get back out there.

I'm a smart guy though, and started making drastic changes to the way I approached OKCupid. My profile and pictures were revamped, I found opening messages that would work on all girls, and I started making copious notes of every step along the way - analyzing what did and didn't work.

Cracking OKCupid is the result of several years of extensive research and testing of my OKCupid methods.

Learn to use OKCupid in an efficient manner, instead of wasting your valuable time crafting messages that don’t get responded to.

Compose a killer profile, complete with a set of your best photos. You’ll also learn.

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