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Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

1000 Questions for Couples review

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1000 Questions for Couples review
Learn How To Secure More Dates, Sleep With More Women, And Find A Girlfriend Online Even If You're Not 'Traditionally Good looking', Super Charming, Or You've Had No 'Luck' At All For YearsThen it occurred to me to run from all the rejection, and use the anonymity and safety of Online Dating, and I loved itI convinced myself that online dating only worked for guys who were lean and good looking, or at least exceptionally funny, or had the fabled "IT" factor with womenThen one day, as I was browsing the web, I discovered a unique internet forum of pickup artists and 'so called' ladies men, who were sharing all different kinds of tips and techniques on getting in between the legs of the opposite sexI immediately used one of the conversation starters on a pretty brunette girl I found on (a dating site back in the early 2000s), delivered a few funny jokes, and boom, landed my first dateI started compiling everything I could find on the forum. Conversation starters, funny routines, jokes, witty lines, and attractive storiesI started studying "game" like a mad fanatic and applying it to both in the 'real world' and on girls I met onlineI read hundreds of books, went through a few dozen courses, and even attended a live dating workshop (called a Bootcamp) to learn about female attractionI dropped everything to move halfway across the country to learn from top 'pickup masters' in the world about attraction and female psychologyIt was especially satisfying when the old friends who used to laugh at me for not getting girls started asking me as well and expressing their disbelief in my unusual resultsSo I started making a few changes to their profiles and giving them a few quick pointers on messaging and attraction and wouldn't you believe it, they instantly saw a double boost in responsesI kept testing it on more and more guys and every single one of them started getting more dates and bringing more girls home almost overnight.

But what surprised me the most was that most of these guys didn't even have to learn "great game" to start seeing resultsI literally gave them a few basics principles on attraction and provided them with some pre-tested lines and they started getting girls to respond back and get attracted immediatelyAs someone who teaches guys how to get girls for a living, I knew I had to get these tips out to more guysI spent the last 6 months painstakingly compiling dozens of online techniques that I used to consistently meet stunners on the web3GAD is designed to teach by example. With every new technique or concept I introduce, I provide several concrete real world examples of it in action. You'll get specific lines, conversation starters, cocky funny witticisms, and more ---- to swipe and use the same dayMy goal is to not only give you the conversation starters, messaging tips, and profile 'hacks' to get immediate results, but to actually turn you into THAT GUY who she can't ignore or play games with, who gets her so turned on that she'll be actively texting you and asking you to meet up again and again and again.

I will ingrain in your brain the deeper understanding of attraction the BEST GUYS AT THIS UNDERSTAND, so you can replicate this for yourself and skyrocket your attractiveness with womenHere's the truth. Women ARE EVEN MORE attracted to someone with alpha male characteristics and personalityNone of them are good looking by the standards of society, yet they are incredibly charming, confident and ALPHA, and that is absolutely irresistible to women.

So even if you think you're not 'traditionally' good looking (read: ugly), you CAN still attract the girls that you want online or off --- IF you follow the right systemI'll teach you how to exhibit this alpha male personality in your profile pictures, descriptions and messages, so even if you're not 'normally her type', she won't be able to stop herself from wanting to get to know you moreYou'll be bypassing her logical mind (what she logically thinks she's attracted to), and speaking directly to her emotional brain to TURN HER ON on an instinctually primal levelYou'll not only know how to do this online, but even be able to take this to 'real life' interactions, as an added bonusI've spent over 4 years testing and tweaking my online game PLUS traveling around the world for 11 years studying the art of female attraction (even giving up my university education to do so), so my coaching time is not cheapI normally charge a minimum of $350/hr for just a phone consultation. Even more if it's person to personThat's a total of over $15,000 dollars of just finalized course material. Material from a professional guy at this, who's done this for a living for over 14 years with.

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