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Minggu, 27 September 2015

What to text review

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What to text review. .Need more information before you continue? No Problem… Below is more free information and some other special deals you might be interested in.I have helped thousands of people understand how to master the art of texting in a simple ebook packed tight with information. I can help you understand why texting can totally rock at flirting with the opposite sex and how it can shoot you in the butt if you do it wrong. Stop screwing up now!!“I recommend, no urge, EVERYONE to get this ebook! It has completely opened up my eyes and changed my dating life. I had no idea that so many things I did were killing my chances, ouch!” – Kim Hess – The famous “Divorce Guru”You know when I sell the most of these books? Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

Want to know why? Because this is usually when people feel the most amount of relationship pain, and it is amazing how often it is related to texting. But I can help you, keep scrolling down and learn how to put total control back in your corner.Honestly it doesn’t really matter, in fact not understanding the other side is very much contributing to your failures. Men, take the example above about sending dirty texts, THIS IS A TURN OFF FOR MOST WOMEN Ladies the incessant texting demanding for a response? GUYS FIND THIS ANNOYING AS HELL. Most dating guides are only written for one sex but mine is written for both, why? because I am one of those rare people that gets what both sexes are thinking, something you really need to pay attention to. 

Guys, girls like to have sex too. Girls, guys enjoy relationships as well. Let me teach you how to bring either the direction you need.“My favorite part is where you describe the game as being visible and controllable if only it can be slowed down to a manageable speed. You remember in the movie, “The Matrix” where Keanu Reeves can dodge bullets by in his hyperspeed perception, everything slows down. It’s the “Tao of Texting!” very cool Mike” – KenTexting Tip #1: Texting is such a killer medium to create attraction but it is also a place where so many people do so much damage. They really don’t understand how texting can communicate all the wrong things if done wrong.For example: something as simple as the time you allow to pass before replying, or how long you wait to text for the first time can be so huge. To most people it seems ludicrous that waiting a little bit longer to text someone can have such a impact but let me assure you it does, it shows that you have some emotional control. It shows that you are not overly eager to jump into a relationship and thus it raises your value.“Texting is my M.O. but I was guilty of going about it the wrong way. 

Previous to my textual awakening (ha) I just erased the guy’s number so that I wouldn’t be tempted to text him first…especially after drinking! I liked the point of taking control of the exchange by matching their response time or exceeding it, a prolonged response speaks volumes.” – BrittanyTexting Tip #2: One of the major mistakes people make texting, is doing it when drunk! Obviously all of us have had more than one nightmare when we have combined the opposite sex and alcohol. This is something that you can recover from but clearly it would be better to hand your phone to a friend! Friends Don’t Let Friends Text Drunk! However, this is easy to fix, all you have to do is make them feel safe again, help them laugh at you, and redirect the mistake into a backhanded complement.You: I am a little drunk right now and I can’t stop thinking about you. I haven’t felt this way about a girl in a long time.You: Crap, almost dropped my phone in the toilet, well… Hope you have filthy dreams about me tonight! (you wake up hung over and you look at your texts in horror)You: Hahaha, wow… I was a total idiot last night. Some people get aggressive when they drink, I get lovey dovey. 

Don’t worry, I did the same thing to another girl last night. Ooops!(Okay, you made fun of yourself, you redirected the mistake, and you peaked her interest again. Now I would sit on it for a day or two and let your mistakes fade. Most likely she will be the one to contact you and you can start fresh, but this time CONTROL YOURSELF!!)Texting Tip #3: What about if you just screwed up and said the wrong thing? Maybe you demanded something out of the relationship that the other person wasn’t ready to offer you. How is it possible to recover from saying the wrong thing? How can you create comfort again and swing the power, and their interest back in your favor? If you just said the wrong thing the easiest recovery is just to ignore it and allow your silence to play on their own insecurities. Said something really bad? That would be similar to the drunk text and you have to create safety again without losing power. Fortunately, I have an entire chapter on this in my book below.“I just wanted to tell. Read More detail...

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