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Jumat, 11 September 2015

TouchpadFX :: Control Your Favorite DJ Software By Touch! best review

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TouchpadFX :: Control Your Favorite DJ Software By Touch! review
Urgent Message To All Digital DJs! If You Were Ever Thinking That Something Cool Was Missing From Your DJ Mix, Then Continue Reading.

As a DJ, your keyword is: entertainment. Your audience doesn't come to your party to be bored, they want to forget everyday problems and feel good. It's your mission to entertain them.

But, it's no longer enough to play the hottest music and mix precisely, because everyone can do that with any DJ software. To stand out from other digital DJs, you must be creative and unique while mixing music. If you give your audience something new, you can be sure that they will come back to your next party.

We want to help you in achieving this. We want to give you a tool right into your hands. Actually, this is an opportunity which you cannot afford to miss. You want to be the absolute favorite DJ in your area, don't you?

Today's DJ software are smart. We bet your shiny new DJ program has awesome effects and looping capability. But the question is, can you really take advantage of these? Do you have the right DJ gear to use them correctly?

We are not talking about pressing the effect on/off buttons and turning the filter knobs on your DJ controller. We are talking about making combined, professional effects and "tricks" in real-time. Are you really able to turn on and control several effects and loops at the same time?

It's very hard or even impossible to perform complex effects in real-time, no matter how expensive your.

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