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Senin, 28 September 2015

The Guru Black Book review

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The Guru Black Book best review. For The First Time Ever, All The Top Dating Gurus Answered The 25 Most Important Questions On Every Guy’s Mind And Reveal Exactly What THEY Would Do To Meet, Attract and Seduce Any Woman”And YOU Get Unprecedented Access To Their Answers, Comparing Them Side-By-Side And Cherry Picking The Most Juicy Techniques And Methods Which Will Supercharge Your Success With Women…GuaranteedYou can learn everything you need to know by listening to the right dating Gurus and applying their strategies.But how do you get the information you need and want without taking a lifetime or spending a fortune?Having multiple expert viewpoints to these questions gives you the clarity and confidence you need to know that these situations have multiple solutions and that you will find a solution that works for your personal style.You’re about to go out for the evening with your friends. You’re not good at approaching and you know this. 

So you login to the Guru Black Book volume 2 on Approaching and you can easily click your way through the various Gurus to discover what openers and approaches THEY would do.Since you don’t have to open multiple sources, your answers are immediate, clear and concise. You begin to feel confident that you know what needs to be done. Since there was no theory or fluff, you got exactly the injection of advice that you needed. Like a booster shot…only this boosts your game with women.Now, imagine that you have mastered approaching and that is no longer an issue for you but you need to know how to keep a conversation from turning into boring small talk. Easy, login, open Volume 3 on Conversation and Rapport and listen to how the Gurus answer what THEY do to avoid boring small talk and keep the conversation interested.The only drawback is that there are always going to be more questions and not every question will immediately solve every problem you have.

But by focusing on the 4 key areas, which are the 4 Volumes of The Guru Black Book, you’ll now have the Confidence and Inner Game to Approach any woman, build Rapport with Great Conversation and Escalate Sexuality in order to get the girl home or on a date immediately.Right now we are offering unprecedented access to the top dating Gurus in the world and giving you the control to have them answer your biggest questions.Because we did not want to overwhelm you or give you information you may not need, we’ve broken the product into four separate volumes.With over 28 hours worth of interviews, transcripts, strategies, methods and tactics from the world’s best masters with women, this is easily worth over $1,000.If you’re not into the bar scene but want to meet women the EASIEST way possible… this is exactly what you need right now.We have collaborated with the following Gurus: Dave M from “Insider Internet Dating” “Stick Boy” from “Facebook Famous” Adam Gilad from “Deep Attraction Online”The following sexual advice gurus have also agreed to create bonus reports specifically to help you achieve the status of sexual master.David Shade from “Masterful Lover” Dan Rose:  “Sex God Method” Dr. Patti from “Expanded Lovemaking” Shawna Jessica from “2 Girls Teach Sex”.

Getting in shape will improve your success with any girl.  Learn how to quickly & easily get the body that girls go crazy for without being a meat-head or spending your life in the gym.Brad Howard from “Adonis Effect”  and Nathan Hopkins from “3X Method” have agreed to create custom materials just for you that will help jump start or turbo charge your fitness makeover.Maybe you don’t have any aspirations to date models, or you don’t live somewhere where it’s convenient to do so.Sorry, This only works on professional models and they usually live in big cities. But you know, if you meet one, or want to date one, its not a bad idea to know what you’re talking about..“The Guru Black Book surprised me. I thought they would be rambling on  with advice but your format makes them stick to exactly the question.  This allows me to get my answers quickly and have confidence it’s been answered.”“I picked this up two hours ago and haven’t gotten off it yet…except to send you this email. Great work, really enjoying how easy it is to get great answers to the fundamental questions.”“I picked this up on Thursday and may have had the best weekend in forever. I suck at opening and escalating sexuality. So the guru black book allowed me to skip to those sections and questions that were troubling me the most. Just the openers section alone allowed me to have a ton of material. I actually got 4 phone numbers and took one girl home. Thanks!”“This is the best format I’ve ever seen to learn this. I want more… I want more! LOL!”“I have a. Read More detail...

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