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Selasa, 22 September 2015

Teachers - Lesson Plan on How to Write Checks - Balance a Checkbook how to

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Teachers - Lesson Plan on How to Write Checks - Balance a Checkbook best review
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          Monthly bank statements 

          Canceled checks

          New bills to pay  

          Bank deposits

          Checkbook registers

Have you been searching the Internet for  a lesson plan or exercises to teach students how to write checks or manage a simple bank account?

My name is Timothy Liptrap, along with being a college professor, I specialize in teaching students, how to write checks and balance checkbooks.

The  lesson plan we wrote has  been designed so that students  find it fun, exciting and challenging,  while  saving teachers countless hours of prep time.

"The students loved the program.  I found  it great!  I could devote my time to  meaningful dialogue with the students  instead of preparing the lessons.   Thanks so much for the lessons." Victoria H., Teacher Yellow Springs, Ohio

Show's the teacher / parent how to teach the elements of a check, how to spell out numbers, how to enter transactions into a check register, using the practice checks,  how to pay invoices or bills, and how to  balance a checkbook.

 Checkbook registers     Customizable blank checks   Monthly bank statements 

When teaching financial issues, I believe  that it is imperative to teach students  using real life examples.

I have included in this program, 3 monthly  exercises that will challenge your student's math abilities, problem solving techniques  and.

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