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Selasa, 08 September 2015 :: Sosnowski Synthesizer review :: Sosnowski Synthesizer review
- Four multi-function oscillators  - (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, - and noise waveforms on each)

With a simple, clear, easy-to-use and well-organized layout and sensible architecture, the Sosnowski Synthesizer is ideal for newcomers to the art; yet, with its rich feature set and thorough controllability, even seasoned professionals will find it an attractive and inexpensive addition to their resources. 

The Sosnowski Synthesizer generates sound with four separate oscillators.  Each individual oscillator includes selection for sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms; plus a selection for a noise oscillator with its own adjustable frequency trap.  The oscillator outputs are processed through a multiform filter with its own envelope and modified by dual independent multi-waveform, fully adjustable LFO's (low frequency oscillators).

A final envelope shapes the sound before proceeding to the sound treatment section.  Onboard sound treatment includes stereo chorus, reverb, echo, pan/x (automated dual-constant cross-panning), and transposition; all of which are fully controllable from the interface.

Additional features include an onboard velocity-capable keyboard; MIDI channel, program change enable, volume enable, and pan enable switching; an onboard 'scope and parametric equalizer; and a capable preset manager for onboard sounds, plus an easy file system for saving and loading custom sounds. .

The Sosnowski Synthesizer was designed and developed by veteran programmer and contemporary classical composer  David Sosnowski (website) (bio).

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