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Minggu, 20 September 2015

Speed Reader-X - Speed Reading Made Easy - Memory and Comprehension Training Course scam

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Speed Reader-X - Speed Reading Made Easy - Memory and Comprehension Training Course review
The two part course below can solve all of these problems for you and you can get started in 2 minutes.

How much more can you get done at college or work if you could read twice as fast? Three times faster? What if you could read Ten times faster and remember more!!

The average person reads around 250 words per minute which is the rate you speak. Speed readers often double their reading speed by lesson 3.

Once a person has learned how to speed read, they usually find their comprehension improves as well. This happens because your brain is no longer bored during reading and it is actually excited and active when taking in words.

You already know you need to learn how to speed read, but which one of these best describes why you need to learn how to speed read today:

You may have seen other systems making outrageous claims like reading 10,000 words per minute. Hog wash! That is not real speed reading, that is skimming and it does not work. Perhaps you have seen the systems that claim you can look at a page and.



know what it says through a photo reading method. Again, that will never work and that is not speed reading.

Real speed reading is a method where you re-train your brain to break the old habits you were taught in third grade. Those reading methods were fine when you first learned to read and you needed to know the mechanics of reading. But now, those same methods only slow.

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