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Jumat, 25 September 2015

Software Earns You $41, Virtually No Refunds! how to

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Software Earns You $41, Virtually No Refunds! best review
It really is a great program and it's the perfect time of year to upload new plants that I ordered. When they arrive in April, my plant info and tags will be ready to go,

The software also makes weather resistant point of sales signs that can include a color photo. This is a huge beneft. I like using stick tags because putting on 2,000 strip tags takes time. I just use the stick tags right before I offer plants for sale. Others like the strip tags because they han.

I haven't found a less expensive product than what Moe sells for computer database, and tag printing software (much, much more) Ya get the Software for just about free in my perspective,

"Moe seems to be very helpful if you have problems….I was having an issue with it (operator error on my part), but I emailed him & he called me & got it straightened out in no time.".

"I have the Plant Tagging Software. I love it. If you take the time to fill all of it in when you enter a plant, that info is there forever. Love the printing of the tags too. Really helpful.".

"Been driving 'Plant tag n Track' for a few days now and I am inpressed to say the least. This is not the only plant software I have but I think it is going to be the best ever. The built in Google search feature is a huge time-saver and customer service is awesome. Moe, you have a real winner he.


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