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Jumat, 04 September 2015

Self-Service — Infographics Resume review

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1. Generation Enggelmundus
Self-Service — Infographics Resume best review
If you are sick and tired of being ignored by employers and recruiters, Then you need to read this letter.

Anyone Who Has Tried to grab the attention of recruiters and employers has run into One Problem after Another.

Right now, there are millions of people scouring the job boards and press releases every day, applying for every job that comes along. And like a school of piranhas at a paddling pool, the feeding frenzy begins every time a new job is posted.

To get an interview for a great job, you need to grab the attention of your potential employer. But right now, the job market is choking with people desperate for work, and employers are more cautious than ever.

The result is that for every position advertised, there are literally hundreds of applications. If your application doesn't stand out from the rest, you have hardly any chance.

You go to recruitment events only to discover you're in a room with a thousand hungry prospects and a few employers. Despite your best efforts, you can't stand out. You come home without so much as a single interview, exhausted and disheartened.

Seeing hundreds or even thousands of applicants fighting over each and every job that is posted online is a nightmare for job searchers and it's overwhelming to employers and recruiters

With so many people looking for a job, it's become almost impossible for recruiters to sort through the mountains of garbage in order to find the best potential employees.

Recruiters hate.

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