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Jumat, 25 September 2015

Manifest Your Man Now! review

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Manifest Your Man Now! review
I’m going to share with you a secret about “The Secret” and lift the lid on the "Law of Attraction Love Lie”…

But there is a huge piece missing from the manifestation puzzle and while you only use the Law of Attraction, you’ll never get the results your heart truly desires… and deserves.

That was until I found out about the other Spiritual Laws and Principles at play. And by only using the Law of Attraction to manifest… it was like Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa with Blue paint.

Some people would be happy with the result, but for me.

there is something lost in translation. It doesn't have quite the same effect.

Like you… all I wanted was a man to share my life with. I was so afraid of growing old alone and ending up as a “Crazy Cat Woman” and I was trying everything.

The turning point for me was when I was pushed over by a “twenty something year old Beauty Queen” as we both tried to catch a bridal bouquet. I was so desperate for change in my life that I put all my faith into a bunch of bridal flowers!

My search lead me straight to the Law of Attraction and The Secret. I followed the rules and did everything they told me to do. I did course after course, read book after book and still the one thing I wanted in my life was missing… my man!

We all have a lot more colors on our palette.

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