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Selasa, 08 September 2015

Free Potty Training In 3 Days Video review

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Free Potty Training In 3 Days Video best review
Today I thought it would be helpful to give you a brief rundown of what’s included in Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training In 3 Days program. You can also watch Carol's video here.

Personally, I’m a big fan of online programs because I like to have instant access to things. I find it much more convenient when I can easily access the information I need at any time from my phone, iPad, or any other “smart” device I might have with me at the time. However, I also know it can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly what you’re getting just by watching a video or reading the product’s website, since these occasionally turn out to be more hype than substance.

With that being said, Carol has really gone above and beyond to make her Start Potty Training In 3 Days course as robust and comprehensive as it can be. While some busy moms might be intimidated by the 17 chapters and over 130 pages of content, the Potty Training In 3 Days guide is organized extremely well, so you can quickly skim through and find the information you need at any given time.

I do recommend reading through the entire course at least once before you start potty training your toddler and using Carol Cline’s 3 day method, but not all sections will apply to your exact situation. For example, if your child doesn’t have Autism, Asperger’s, or Down’s Syndrome, then you can probably skip Chapter 12 which is all about potty training boys and girls with various diagnosed disorders. I personally find this information fascinating, and it’s something that gets left out of a lot of the other potty training guides I’ve seen.

A Brief Chapter By Chapter Start Potty Training In 3 Days Review
The Gist Of The Course
As you probably already know, the Start Potty Training In 3 Days book by Carol Cline teaches you how to potty train a toddler in just 3 days. This doesn’t mean your toddler boy or girl will be completely potty trained in 3 days. But what it does mean is that your toddler will be out of diapers in 3 days. There will still be the occasional accident or “bad day” from time to time, and I think it’s important to understand that distinction.  Read More detail...


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