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Sabtu, 26 September 2015

eBook Covers - eBook Cover Generator - eBook Cover Software how to

eBook Covers - eBook Cover Generator - eBook Cover Software best review
If you have a virtual product, such as an e-book, that you’re selling, it’s important for you to have a pictorial representation to present to your customers.  Many e-book authors and marketers simply pay a design service to do this for them, but it usually ends up costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

You can start creating your own virtual product designs, simply and easily – with just one click!  You don’t even have to be a graphic designer or take any special classes or tutorials to learn how to do this yourself!

Black Belt Covers is the most advanced tool available on the market today for virtual product cover creation.

Inside this incredible package is a number of Adobe Photoshop Actions – also known as Plugins – that work with your existing Photoshop software. These Plugins or Actions will help you convert a plain, flat image to a high quality, polished 3-D graphic in just seconds with a single click!  

"great.. this is a professional website that i looking for.

I feel become a professional designer. When I tried to made 1 box using manual or other book, I spent more than 1 hour. But, when I'm using this action script from Black Belt Covers, it is not take more than 1 minute, even just in seconds. Thank you Mario"

"I have spend a lot of time to search a software for my ebook cover that looking good and not too expensive. Thank you so much Mario, Your eCover software is absolutely awesome and very realistic to be looking at. This is the best thing from.

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