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Jumat, 18 September 2015

Easy Webinar best review

Easy Webinar review
Save $100 Dollars Per Year When Coming In Now. This Gets You The Unlimited Full Access Personal EasyWebinar License Today!

Easily collect email addresses when people register for your event and integrate your favorite email autoresponder program!

Educate prospects on your events and they’ll be eager to buy since they’ll know, like, and trust you!

This lets your visitors see your event pages on your own domain. You can also create a new WordPress installation on subdomain to make your event pages look like (where “events” is the subdomain and “name” is whatever you call the event).

Here, you’ll be able to add the domain name(s) you wish to use  EasyWebinar with ( You’ll also find tutorial videos and access to our support here.

Inside of the dashboard, you’ll be able to create and edit all of your live events. All pages (registration, live event, countdown, thank you pages, etc)  will be created for you automatically from here.  This is also where you can optionally integrate your autoresponder or other chat services.

EasyWebinar uses the super reliable power of Google Hangouts and YouTube Live as the live stream HD technology built on the back end of EasyWebinar.  Share your screen and presentation or you in front of the camera.  Plus, have up to 10 co-presenters in the room with you! Finally giving you a replacement for overpriced, out-of-date live webinar technology that drops calls, requires downloading with half the interaction and engagement.  EasyWebinar allows you to stream out.

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