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Jumat, 25 September 2015

Dr C and Elwood- Intro To ADHD how to

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Dr C and Elwood- Intro To ADHD review
I'm a child psychologist, and by combining puppets, music, humor, and magic along with education, I've created a revolutionary DVD that will educate and entertain your entire family about ADHD all at the same time!

Is your child having trouble in school? Are you tired of telling him to do something (like clean his room) and then coming back an hour later to find out that not only did he not do what you asked, but he is now engaged in some completely unrelated and unproductive activity?

Children with ADHD often have characteristics that can be challenging, and even frightening for some parents to deal with.

One example is desiring immediate gratification. I'm sure you know how it is when they want something, they want it now, and they are going to be in your face until you give in, or become very angry, and cause another rift in your relationship.

Many ADHD children are oppositional, demanding, and stubborn, often causing parents to lose their patience, and lead to undesirable home environments.

ADHD children also tend to be immature. Twelve year olds are more like eight year olds, nine year olds are more like six year olds, etc. and many parents blame themselves, or try harsher and harsher punishments until the home becomes a hostile area.

These characteristics can also lead to problems with peer relationships, and many children with ADHD end up playing with younger children because they can manipulate them or finally feel superior instead of always feeling like a loser.

One of my biggest concerns.

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