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Friday, September 11, 2015

Download The Best Free Thesaurus Software Available Online Instantly review

Download The Best Free Thesaurus Software Available Online Instantly review
3 Settings To Give You Help & Inspiration! 1. Quick Match: Regular Thesaurus 2. Brainstorm: Gets 2x to 20x the amount of words 3. Alpha 3*: Explore up to 1,000 or more related words

Up To 20x The Synonyms & Related Words Of A Regular Thesaurus Find the best words and ideas for your creative writing you didn’t have before.

More Than 10x The Lookup Speed of Online Thesaurus Sites Blazing fast lookup speed and doesn’t require an internet connection.

Ability To Search Up to 10 Words At One Time Search up to 10 words at a time and Brainstorm creative concepts.

Easier To Check Off Then Copy & Past Your Selected Synonyms Into Your Writing! Simply check off the words that you like, hit copy, paste and go!

Multi Language Thesaurus Great For Translations and Language Students: Search for synonyms in French, Spanish and other supported languages For a list of languages click here

Other Features In Free Version: Built in dictionary lookup: Right click on a word and view definition online. Tutorials: Built in video tutorials Language Settings to use whatever MS Word language packs you have installed

Plus Version Additions: Built in text editor Select all words button Character & word count boxes for when your writing needs to be a certain length Added language and translation features for writing in foreign languages New features added regularly!

How does it work? Brainstorm Pro makes use of the existing thesaurus in Microsoft Word so there are no huge libraries to download.

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