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Sabtu, 19 September 2015

Activate Your Third Eye Videos how to

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Activate Your Third Eye Videos review
SHAKTIPATSEER, initiate name Ngakpa Kunga Somdub is a world known spiritual teacher in youtube. He was THE first person to speak about activating the Third Eye/Pineal Gland widely on the internet, especially Youtube and made the idea a part of pop culture via his his videos that garnered millions of views. He has helped and coached thousands of people through livestream broadcasts, Skype sessions, counseling, the hundreds of videos on his Youtube channel, and guiding people on the spiritual path, activating the divine spiritual eye through the sacred initiation ritual of Shaktipat.

The above video is a 10-minute sample of one of the 7 videos in the Third Eye Activation Series. The guarantee of its efficacy lies in not only in the ancient TIbetan symbols and Sanskrit mantras for the essences of your own awareness in the form of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, representation of the Primordial Reality, and four brain hemispheres, plus the central Pineal Gland, or in the ancient art of internal visualization of light and sound which is common to nearly all mystery schools and esoteric practices around the world.

A little known secret (although it’s very well known in Occult systems of East as well as West), is that the energy of the Third Eye, and all other centers are directly related to Prana, a vital force which we intake along with oxygen when we breathe. It is emitted naturally from the Earth, Stars, other human beings (i.e. Shaktipat Seer), and especially from the Sun. This Prana sustains and nourishes our mind, body, and spirit, and it is this which causes the flower-like chakras to open and bloom. In fact chakras are made OF breath energy, coursing in a.

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