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The mutual fund millionaire

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Have you maybe said them when it comes to investing your money? If you are being honest, I am sure the answer is yes.

Truth #1 – Big Investors Win (mostly) and Everyone else’s success is about who you know or what you own.

What is a “Big Investor”? Forbes magazine puts out a list every year of the 400 richest Americans. These people are the winners (mostly) when it comes to investing. These individuals have access to the very best Investment Advisors in the world, mostly known as Hedge Funds.

Ironically, there are a number of Hedge Fund managers on the Forbes 400, but they accumulated their wealth from the fees they charged and not on the returns of their personal portfolios. Because Hedge Funds report performance, it is very easy for the “Forbes 400″ to identify the best of the best. The best Hedge Funds only want to work with the wealthiest people, Some Hedge Funds have minimum investment levels of $50 million dollars.

So if most of the investors are not in the Forbes 400, and there is risk in choosing an advisor for help, what is an investor to do?

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Post Title : The mutual fund millionaire

The mutual fund millionaire,

The mutual fund millionaire

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